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The Company is equipped with FSSAI, GMP and HACCP certified state of the art Manufacturing plant & Warehouse in NCR, which implies that your supplement experiences thorough testing and different quality checks before it reaches you.


The Company is equipped with FSSAI, GMP and HACCP certified state of the art Manufacturing & Warehousing plant in Delhi, which implies that your supplement experiences thorough testing and different quality checks before it reaches you.

Bukalo India Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of health supplements, sports nutrition, vitamins and energy drink products. We deal with a wide range of health and nutrition products and offers a variety of bodybuilding supplements, including whey protein powders, mass gainer, pre-workout, fat burners, BCAA, creatine & plant-based protein powders

Whether we talk about manufacturing or supplying the products of other brands, our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes cutting-edge machinery and equipment to enable speedy and well-organized workflow. We take great effort to ensure that all of our food products are created from quality-tested ingredients and are nutritionally and hygienically tested. Our crew is incredibly productive and skilled at what they do. Quality inspections are performed on a regular basis till the product is delivered to the customer. We meet or exceed current international requirements.

Why Bukalo For Imported Supplement in Bulk?
Wide Range of Brands

Bukalo deals with 50+ imported supplement brands across India including Muscle Pharm, Ultimate Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, BSN, One Science, and others. One can here explore the variety of brands & products of their choices for maximising their profit.

Quality Assurance & Authenticity of the products

Approximately 1/3rd of the supplements available in India are suspicious, as they are either parallel imports or counterfeits. Fake supplements whether its whey powder, pills may contain illegal drugs like steroids, which can harm your body permanently.

At Bukalo, we know our responsibility towards the products we are dealing, we maintain strict quality control during supplement sourcing and distribution to ensure 100% products authenticity & consumer health safety.

All products include authentication tag having the scratchable unique code or QR code to scan that give instant surety about authentication.

Collaboration with Direct Top Importers.

India’s top Importers such as Muscle House, Balaji Oversees, MPN, Paradise Nutrition are our trusted suppliers to provide the world quality complete range of brands & products to serve our clients the top quality possible.

How to Maximise Your Profit .

Being the partner of direct importers we are able to provide the best rate available on the market as there are neither layers of margin nor the duplicity of products. Along with this, we have the several schemes available on bulk order which includes additional discounts, cashback & freebies.

Safe & Secure Transaction Methods

We have all the possible & available modes of payment to make your transaction smooth & secure at the same time.

All India Safe and Fast Delivery

We are collaborated with the top shipping and courier partners like FEDEX, DTDC, BLUEDART, DELHIVERY etc. to make sure that your orders reach you safely & without any bruises or slightest damage on the box to prevent loss. Our team of operation stays in constant touch with the courier partner to ensure the safety of your products.

Easy & Free Consultation.

Our journey does not end with the transaction but we provide constant support to our client for any kind of professional queries & try giving the best advice for the continuous & flawless business process

Our Top Selling Brands

GXN, a brand for sports nutrition has been formed on the grounds of giving authentic sports sustenance supplements to health aficionados. Today, Greenex Nutrition offers a substantial variety of legitimate health products across several categories

Ultimate Nutrition is one of the few sports nutrition companies to manufacture its products. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Farmington, CT. This is where we receive, inspect, and test all our raw materials before production. Each selected ingredient undergoes our thorough review and testing process before ever making it into an Ultimate Nutrition bottle

Universal Nutrition health and wellness supplements are the perfect solutions for every fitness enthusiast. Be it any type of fitness routine or body type, Universal Nutrition offers a great variety of products that are extremely effective and reliable for everyone. We exist to provide branded products of quality and value that strengthen our customers and help them achieve their goals. We look to inspire, educate, and empower people everywhere to live strong and healthy lives, universally

Labrada Nutrition offers a variety of balanced dietary supplements, including protein drinks, meal replacement powders, and bars that ready to give you the expected results. Labrada supplements are manufactured to help you achieve your physique goals. Scientific experiments and studies back up our goods. Labrada Nutrition's goal is to provide people the quality nutrition and information they need to get in shape and stay healthy for the rest of their lives.

Dymatize is known for being the most popular brand among elite bodybuilders and athletes. it is one of the most effective and innovative sports nutrition brands in the world. Dymatize gives you the assurance of high quality & verified products. Dymatize is the brand of choice in several such sports facilities where some of the best athletes are trained.

One Science Nutrition, one of the world's leading supplement manufacturers is on a mission to revolutionize the way people think about fitness, wellbeing, and mental development. We promise to deliver the safest, most reliable, and rigorously tested nutritional and sports supplementation products available. We as a trusted supplier of the brand recognize the value of scientific expertise in the fitness industry's relentless innovation, not just to improve your workout but also to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Ronnie Coleman is one of the top brands that offers high quality health and sports supplements to every fitness enthusiast. Ronnie Coleman is the best choice for every individual who loves the idea of being fit and healthy. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is owned and operated by 8 time Mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman and his team.

Industry-giant MuscleTech is a renowned health supplement brand and it's been around 25 years building the trust of millions around the world. After start emerging every year trying to be the next level, MuscleTech, this mighty company has earned a place as a standard-bearer in quality, innovation, volume, and global reach.

MusclePharm is an award-winning, worldwide leading sports nutrition & Lifestyle Company offering branded nutritional supplements. Muscle Pharm promise to develop and bring to market the safest, most effective and rigorously tested nutritional and sports supplementation products possible

General Nutrition Centres (GNC) is dedicated to upholding the highest levels of quality, safety, and efficacy while employing the most cutting-edge nutritional science. Because your body deserves nothing less than the best, we go above and beyond industry norms. GNC is the world's largest specialty retailer of nutritional products, including vitamin, mineral, herbal, and other specialty supplements, as well as sports nutrition, diet, and energy products. GNC has over 4,800 retail locations in the United States (including over 1,000 franchise and 1,200 Rite Aid store) and franchise operations in 46 countries including India.

What makes isopure different from all the other sports supplement companies? Our mission is to give you everything you need to reach your greatest potential. We believe that good health is a combination of both physical and mental strength. Through exercise and mental discipline, the performance of our bodies and minds increases. At IsoPure®, we strive to maintain a positive environment that emphasizes knowledge, commitment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle

Pure Vita Labs is proud to offer you the best sports supplements on the market. Pure Vita Labs formulate, manufacture, and distribute own products. PVL puts your health first to deliver you safe, effective products proven to help you overcome your fitness goals. With our supplement for almost every fitness goal under the sun, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. From proteins to gainers, pre-workouts to protein powder to weight loss aids, each product has been determined safe and effective by a team of certified nutritionists and medical professionals.

GAT Sport has been satisfying consumers and dealers all over the world for over 20 years. This has been accomplished by the use of reliable goods that produce results. Premium ingredients, tried-and-true formulas are backed by science, research, and clinical studies.